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Fridge pen pocket- picture added!


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I invented this the other day when I needed a handy pen for a form that was on the fridge. You will need a flat magnet (like these tourist type ones), small amount of yarn, hook to match yarn size and a bottle top.


First, make a small slit like hole in your magnet, leaving about 5mm of magnet on either side, big enough for your hook to work through.


Attach yarn in hole and sc enough to fill it up. I got about 15.


Ch 1, turn and sc across.


Ch1, turn, increase at both ends


Repeat these two rows until it looks long enough (about an inch and half should do)


Ch an extra amount to loosely reach the other side. Join and work even in rounds until a pen won't fall out. About 4 inches. Place marker if you like.


2sc dec, 2sc in each stitch around until marker


2sc dec, 1sc, tile marker, then 2sc decreases until you have pretty much closed the hole. Break off yarn, close hole properly with tail. Hide all ends neatly


Poke the bottle top into your pocket to prevent ink leaks or pens going through.


Stick on your fridge and enjoy always having a pen handy! Four pens fit nicely, though I did manage to squeeze six in.


Photo to come when I bribe..er..ask a friend nicely (or stick the USB card in my computer and see if it works, whichever comes first) :yes

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Maybe you could post a picture to give us a better idea? Sounds like a great idea though


Yes, I think I will have to wander up to my friends tomorrow (its night time here in Aust at the moment) and see if she will be nice enough to take a picture.


For now though, after much searching for a name of something I only remember seeing..it looks like one of these finger stalls. The um ..er..part that goes over your hand is shorter, but for the most part it is similar. Or like a crocheted glove finger attached to a magnet :think Yeah, picture. Its hard to explain, but it will be a 'OHH, so thats what she meant' thing when I get a picture up ;)

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Most definitely want to see this puppy:yes ! Right now my Handy pen is tied on the end of yarn:yarn ....(what else?) and hanging off another sort of fridgie thing.....not classy or cool at all:no

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I finally added the USB car to the puter, couldn't find the USB cable for the camera, so I took a dodgy pic with the web cam. Not the best, but better than nothing, right?



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