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Its after midnight and I just dyed!


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I was going to do it tomorrow but i was so excited that id gotten everything ready for tomorrow that i thought i might as well do it tonight.


I dyed 3 50g balls seperatly, one was cream and 2 were beige. I checked the forum and saw there were a couple of different ways to do it so i basically took a bit from each tutorial and made it up.


dye1.jpg here is the beige 100& lambswool during the presoak - cold water and a glug of white vinegar


dye2.jpgthis is the cream ball - berry blue - it turned out patchy and i sprinkled some grape on there too to make the darker bits. i love the result!


dye3.jpgthis is the one i used cherry and strawberry on


dye4.jpgand this one was using cherry and grape


I used a glug of vinegar with the dye mix too, then i put it in the microwave for 2 mins, left it a while and then put it back in for 1 min. I then rinsed using cold water and squeezed out as much water as poss.


It was fun :)

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