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Image Sizing Reminder & a Resizing tool for you

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Hi folks,


Just a friendly reminder to make sure your images are sized within the posted Crochetville guidelines. :photo All images should have the largest side (regardless of whether it is height or width) at no larger than 480 pixels. :compute This means that your posted images should display a size of no larger than either:


480 (wide) x 360 (tall) or

360 (wide) x 480 (tall)


For those who may not have imaging software, or find that the ones they do have are confusing and difficult to use, here is a very simple to use FREE program you can download for your personal use: http://www.irfanview.com/index.htm :2magic


I have been using this little program for a couple of years now and find it much easier and more intuitive to use than the bigger beefier type programs. It takes the guesswork out of sizing my images so that I never have to worry that I didn't quite get it right. Let me also add the usual THUD disclaimer here. I am providing this link strictly from happy experience as a user of this software.:yay


It would please me to no end for you to be able to successfully size your images correctly before posting them here as I hate having to remove them and replace with the links - I'm sure I'm not alone in my preference of being able to view all your outstanding projects in your posts rather than having to click on a link to go view them! :c9

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