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I have very recently learned how to do the Afghan Stitch and being told by many that when doing a graph ghan that it's easier to use an afghan stitch for this I'm wondering if I could get some specific help.


How do you change colors and such?


Which side of your work is the "right" side?


Do you still need to use bobbins, or do the colors tend to stay nice since you aren't turning your work?


Thanks for any suggestions! I'm planning on making my hubby a big afghan for Christmas with one of his fave football teams logos on it. I made him a Miami Dolphin pillow for Christmas this past year, but used a regular hook and all SC. It was challenging to say the least!

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Since you never turn your work when using the afghan stitch the rightside is the side facing you. You can tell that you are facing the right way by looking at the stitches if you see a bunch of vertical lines you have it the right way, if you see a bunch of horizontal bumps that is the wrong side.

As for color changing here is how I do it, you take your new color and add it about 2-3 stitches before you change yarn, hold the new yarn in back of the work and over the old color, insert your hook and grab the old yarn by hooking it OVER the new color pull up your stitch, You will see that the new yarn is now below the old yarn, take the old yarn and twist it so that the new yarn is above the old yarn and repeat the previous step. Time to change color take the old yarn and twist it over the new yarn and crochet over it once. Drop old color and work with the new. I don't carry the old yarn more than 2 stitches because it will be out of place when you come back.

I hope that helps.

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Hi Donna


As darncat said, the right side is the side with the vertical bars. As you never turn the work, the right side is always facing you.


Changing colour is simpler than in regular crochet. If the colour changes on, say, the fifth stitch of your graph, you simply pull up a loop of the new colour in the fifth bar; you don't have to prepare for a colour change by completing the previous stitch with it as you might in sc or dc. On the return row, the colour of the second loop on your hook is the colour to use for the next stitch.


I don't twist colours or work over them like darncat, but always pick up the new colour from underneath the old one, so that they loop around each other at the change point. Don't carry yarn over more than a couple of stitches; it adds bulk and makes loops on the back that look unsightly and could catch. And yes, I'd still use the bobbins! If you keep the hanging thread short they won't tangle.


There's a great tutorial here with pics to show you how to change colour.


Good luck with the project!

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