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Alligator Pocket Tissue Cover/Case

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Alligator Pocket Tissue Cover

by Tina Prystup

Copyright 3-05


Size H hook

One skein lime green dishcloth cotton

Half skein dark green dishcloth cotton


Ch 31.

R 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, and each ch across. (30 sc) Ch 1, turn.

R 2: Sc across 1st 23 sc, leaving last 7 unworked. Sl st in next sc. Turn.

R 3: Sl st in 1st sc (not in sl st). Ch 1. Sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn. (22 sc).

R 4: Ch 1, sc in next 19 sc. Sl st in next sc. Turn (19 sc)

R 5: Sl st in next sc (not sl st), Ch 1, sc in each sc across. (18 sc). Turn.

R 6: Ch 1, sc in next 18 sc. Turn.

R 7-19: Repeat row 6.

R 20: Sc across next 18 sc. Ch 2, turn.

R 21: Skip 1st ch, sc in next ch, and each sc across. (20 sc). Ch 1, turn,

R 22: Sc in each sc, ch 2, turn. (20 sc).

R 23:Skip 1st ch, sc in next ch, and each sc across. Ch 10, turn.

R 24: Skip 1st ch, sc in next 9 chs, and each sc across. (30 sc). Fasten off.


Next, turn it so the right sides out, so both "sides" meet in the middle. I like to sew the top, straight edge together first. Now for tail end, I next sew two tail ends together, up to straight edge of case. Now turn over so "tail" is away from you. Sew bottom together. (When you get to tail, sew through any loop on bottom part of crocheted "fabric".


With darker green, attach sl st in "head" part of opening ( on right side, not left.)

Ch 1, sc in 1st 4 sts.*(hdc, dc, tr) in next st. (Dc, hdc) in next st. Sl st in next st. Rep from * to tail section. Rep, down middle of tail, using any "loop" to work in. There should only be two "scales" in tail section. Fasten off. Turn. Join w/ sl st on other side, at Kleenex case opening (do not work tail section again.) *(Hdc, dc, tr) in 1st st. (Dc, hdc) in next st. Sl st in next st. You will work 5 "scales" on this side, then sc the rest. Join w/ sl st to 1st sc on other side. Fasten off. You may wish to sc in that "space", or sc last st tog w/ this space, then join. (That "space" just bugged me.) :) Optional: Sc around edge of "tail" (w/ lime green), for a finished look to even it out. (I did two sc in very end of tail.) Glue or sew two eyes on either side of head. Walla! You are done!

For optional keychain to attach to back pack, you could just make a ch loop in the head , and put key chain loop on before you join sts. Have fun!

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VERY CUTE! When my boys begin school August 2008, they will be the 'Gators', and this will be cute for teacher gifts, etc! Thank you for sharing!

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