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2012 Wish List Group 3: Auntbubbels (CLOSED FOR POSTING)

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Ok Here goes for a simple wish list.

Wanted to add that my favorite color is Blue. :D


1.If you have been RAOKED, check the list and RAOK someone who hasn't been.


2. .. Make something for one of the charities on posted on this board. Blankets for NICU or chemo caps just to name a couple.


3. Favorite color is blue, but I like most colors


4. Anything made by my friendly crocheters.


5. Post card from where you live, love to see where you all are from.


6. Make a Holiday ornament for a tree. It could be from a frigie patter. Even something done with beads. I love anything for any Holiday.


7 . I would love to have the pattern for either of the Hot Air Balloon orniments by scrappinmagic.




9. Most important of all: A PM to someone saying HAVE A NICE DAY:hook








Just got some stars for July. My FGM just finished my tree for July. The things are so cool and will look great.

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I am really excited to join this group, and can't wait to make someone's day by granting a few wishes! My favorite color is purple. Here is my list of items:


1. Stationary or Note Cards (I love sending hand written notes every now and then, and not just electronic messages)


2. Something made by our talented crocheter's on the 'ville. (bookmarks, dish cloths, wash cloths, pins, scarfs, or anything you like to make)


3. Your favorite crock pot recipe (my new favorite way to cook!)


5. Yarn! I really enjoy any type, and always love trying new types.


6. Scented lotion or candles - love trying new scents


7. Would love a Crocehtville Gift Card to be able to take one of the many classes offered here.


8. Any old crochet magazines or pattern books you are looking to rid from your stash. (I enjoy making afghans, baby stuff, purses, and woman's wearable)


9. Flavored coffee


Thanks for looking!

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updated list on 1/17/2010

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my wishlist updated on 9-19-11



:sstar Jimbo Hook is my dream!! maybe Bamboo hooks too, I never had wood hooks.

:sstar Any Yarn, thread such as Size 10 mercerized cotton, wool or Simply Soft Brites, I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby, sport weight.

:sstar any Gift Card to Amazon.com, hobby lobby, or JoAnn

:sstar Berenguer Lots to Love Babies dolls or any crochet pattern for them from here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/charpatterns

:sstar 18" doll clothes patterns

:sstar Safety eyes

:sstar Mini Lalaloopsy dolls, actually any little dolls will be treasure by me :)

:sstar Anything Hello Kitty or fairy

:sstar Anything handmade, my fave color is purple, and I like dolphins, monkeys or owls.

:sstar Anything for my son, he loves to draw and color, Legos and star wars.


I'm a mother of a wonderful 7 year old son named Leo, and i love to crochet, paint, draw and sew. I love to make new friends so add me to your buddy list.


thank you in advance! :manyheart

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1-crochet ville bag

2-animal patterns from other countrys

3-amigyrumi patterns

4-surprise me

5-anything to do with dolfins

6-anything made by you



thank you for looking

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Here is my first wish list!


  1. Crochetville bag :)
  2. Crochet with Heart or old Crochet World magazines
  3. Cotton yarn Thank you FGM for the 5 skeins of Sugar 'n Cream, they are pretty colors
  4. Purse handles, I love making purses! Thank you FGM for the really neat handles, I've never seen any like that!
  5. Crocheted slippers, for some reason I can not make these to save my life!
  6. A crocheted shawl or your favorite pattern for one!
  7. Your absolute can't live without, have made a hundred of these, favorite pattern!:manyheart

Thanks for looking! :D

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I think it would be nice to have a crochetville ghan so here's my wish list


6 or 12 inch squares in any color.


If I get enough, I promise I will get them put together (even if I have to bribe some one).

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I thought I would give the wish list a try and hopefully keep track of it :). I am 32 married very patriotic and supportive of our troops and work as a dog groomer and am owned by 6 cats. so here goes


1. Any thing red white and blue

2. ww yarn in red/white/blue, and soft white, hot red or royal blue

3. afghan patterns

4. anything made by you

5. 8 inch squares for a friendship ghan I love green and soft white ww please *received my 1st square TY FGM in NJ still looking for more

6. any fun quick recipes

7. any kind of crochet cat toy

8. I would love a doily I have no patience for thread



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I would love to learn how to crochet clothes with sleeves .that just fits rigth with the shoulders , and to the waist also

( for my familly and friends and myself)


I would love  other crochet books from all over the world for my collection;


I would love many quality yarn , and beautifull colors quality yarns, also natural creamy white quality yarn....many many many !!!!


I would love to have more time , patience, and be less tired and less sick to be able to concentrate and crochet more .


I would love to create a very original and exquisite elegant crochet colorfull coat , vest, blouse,poncho.


I would love to meet in real life other crocheters from all over the world.


I would love to inspire youth, children, girls and boys with crochet;..and men also, inspire crochet passion to them./


I would love to create a live crochet club in my village with crocheters of all ages , feminin and masculin;


I would love to learn more and more about crochet.


I would love to finish all my crochet works before starting a new crochet work!!!


I would love that in this crochet passion poeple would be more thinking of developping real relationships based on our crochet passion ,

so then less be thinking of selling and making money out of their passion,

i mean I wish they were real passionnates relationship based on crochet alone...stop crochet with commercial goals....



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I love this idea. I will have to make one up. Lol as I type this my cat is rubbing my head and combing my my hair with his his paws. Lol it feels good. Kitty head message.

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