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Easter Crochet Story


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Once upon a time there was a cupcake:



who decided to make some gifts for Easter:



When her teenage son said...... " mmmmm that looks like a boob..." as he started eating the sweet goodies within...


...........................so she added a green stalk to the cherry....


She then visited a place called crochetville and stumbled across a person called Yarnlover who had caught a bunny bug...



encouraged by yarnlovers enthusiasm cupcake thought I must try those as well:




her beloved son said: "they look like they are crazy mice...with mad mouse disease..."


mmmm so after some thought cupcake thought .... " I will ask my friends for a pattern for a bunny brooch". Her request was answered:




Cupcake was full of joy and went forth and made bunny brooches:




Her ever loving , ever annoying darling son then said: " Mum they look they are on speed....." :eek


After a few days had passed she started pondering about Easter and new beginnings. Bunnies had become cliche... so what came first... the Hen cluck cluck...




or the chicken...



Her increasingly picky, first born incredibly blessed son then said: " They look like they have ADHD...."


"GOOD GRIEF" said cupcake, I will try an inaminate object, totally unable to become infested, go mad, develop an addiction which will be enjoyed by all:




So the baskets were made, and the eggs placed with in.


At this point, her incredibly imaginative , ever precious son said.."mmm old ladies crochet...." as he ate the mms and mms and fantales one for one as we filled the egg shells...


However, after her trials, cupcake now had a huge pile of goodies to give to her colleagues at work





They all lived happily ever after...

and cupcake thought how lucky she was to have sons interested enough to comment.....


She then hurried off to find the patterns she used in case people were interested.... but in the meantime enjoy the slide show....







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Great story, :clap great pictures, :clap great presentation, :clap great work, and also great teenager :P

Why a great teenager well inspiration, :think it’s obvious he provide the inspiration to motivate you into a response, :eek and you could have strangled :( or hugged him :hug with more crocheted :hook creativity I think you chose well :) lol

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Nothing like a precious man child, is there! You son sounds like a great kid and your crochet is delightful, imaginative, and cute. Your coworkers are lucky. Thanks for the great story.

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A much needed diversion! I enjoyed your son's comments. My dd is almost 13, and they remind me of something she'd say. Your crochet, however, is wonderful and most certainly NOT old-ladyish.

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:lol I LOVED the story and all the cute Easter objects. I find myself especially likng the Easter chickens - don't tell your son. I wish I were one of your lucky co-workers!:)
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Thanks for all the nice comments.


I have 3 teenage smart alec, moody, ever lovable sons.



This is one of my favourite photos of them. It ws taken at Point Lookout on the East Coast of Australia. This is about 45 minutes from where we live, and there was a storm brewing at sea.


I have about 80 staff, but I will give the goodies to the ladies in the office, my managers and other interested propeller heads. :D


Here is the link for the basket. I made up a crochet flower for mine.




Here is the Hen: http://members.aol.com/Sbaycgoa/patchick.htm


I added an extra row of dc to mine. They seem to sit better. I found some plastic eggs at Spotlight here and once filled with lollies they balance the hen to stand.


Here is the chicken:




This one is a bit fiddly so I used the general idea but did one piece as like the bunny cosy that yarnlover used:




and here is the bunny Brooch. I put a safety pin on the back instead of a magnet.




I was a bit limited in my pom pom choice. The eyes were zany with eyelids and lashes. img71341vb.jpg


I had a lot of fun with this lot, and will take them off to work tomorrow. I will keep a hen or two for grandma, and the lady next door.:manyheart

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You did a great job on everything. Cute story, great crochet projects and great presentation! I hope your friends in bunnyland enjoy the gifts!



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What a beautiful picture of your sons! and thanks for the patterns Have a fun day at work handing them out. I am going to make myself a chicken!:hen

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Well tonights the night! I popped my Easter gifts on the desks at work after everyone left.


Tomorrow will be fun! ahhh, I am a child at heart, and know the funny bunnies will create laughter as I put these on the burliest blokes keyboards. :lol :lol


Thank you all for your help with the links and ideas.

I wish you all a safe Easter.:manyheart

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