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Girls watermelon purse I designed, HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. see update in #1 post


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I was trying to figure out how to make this watermelon purse before I saw it on here. Well a slice of watermelon purse. I would love it. I did make the drawstring watermelon purse that I believe on found on Crochetville and it is so cute. I improvised and made a bigger one for me too. Love it.

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Isn't this whole thread in the wrong forum?


Just wondering why this is in Free Original Patterns rather than Original Patterns Published.


When you notice something like this, please don't just post in the thread. It's completely impossible for Donna and me to read every post made on the forum, so if all you do is post in the thread, there's a very good chance we'll never see what you have to say. :(


People post things in the wrong forums all the time. If we don't happen to read the thread, we don't know about it.


Please help us out by letting us know something appears to be in the wrong forum so we can move it.


To report a problem to us, just use the "report post" button: the little white triangle outlined in red. The forum software will Donna and me a message to look at the post. You can even include your own note to us explaining what you think the problem is.


Thanks for helping us out and being our eyes for us! :)

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