Looking for a Lips Pillow pattern (like Bratz)

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My 9 year old niece has a "neuromuscular disorder" and is going to the Cleveland Clinic at the end of April for testing. I want to make her something to take along for comfort. She LOVES Bratz so I was thinking of a lip shaped pillow but I can't seem to find anything "lips" bigger than a fridgie! :think Any ideas? I had originally thought of a "comfortghan" but I want something smaller since it's going to be a 3 hour ride there and back and they will be staying in a hotel room so luggage space will be at a minimum.


Oh... maybe a "lip pillow-ghan" (like a blanket that fits inside the lips) hmmmm.... I need some advice here.... I have only been crocheting since October so any input will be greatly appreciated! :blush





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I made a graph that you could use to make this pillow. You use the graph just like in making an afghan with one stitch per block, adjusting the size of the hook and yarn for the size pillow you want, and making a front and back to sew together and stuff.


Amazon has a picture of the Bratz pillow. Just click and you will see a separate picture of the pillow.


Make a photo file of this picture. Then use this tool to create a graph.


Hope this helps.


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