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Just started doing my own dyeing


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and I have a few questions, and one tidbit of info that perhaps someone else will find useful. I hope. :)


I've seen in a couple of threads that you can use a vegetable steamer for heating/setting the color - has anyone here actually done this, and can you give me some tips on how to do that? The thrift shop near me always has one or two and I'm considering picking one up for this task (I have a double I already use for food - I'm not interested in using it for wool too - yuck, lol) and if it's straight forward enough I think I will. The smell didn't bother me but it did dh so if I can find a way to "cook" my wool on the sunporch (ie. out of the kitchen) I'd like to try.


Can you mix different kinds of dyes - for instance, could I use both kool aid and food coloring in the same skein - or am I just asking for a pain in the neck situation there?


Also - when I was going through the forum, I found this thread about the hispanic flavor aid packets (I think it's the tamarindo that gives brown - I'm wondering what color the root beer flavored drink gives??), so I went on a hunt to see if I could find any around here. Well, no one carries it that I can find, so I emailed Jel Sert to find out how and where I can purchase some. I heard back from them this morning, and you can purchase the packets, directly from them, for 11 cents a packet (this includes the shipping - payment by money order or check). If anyone is interested in ordering some from them, email me through the C'Ville system (not through pms please) and I'll send you the address.


I can't wait for my first batch to dry! :lol This is awfully addicting!

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