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*Hexagon* request for a dear family friend who had a stroke...


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Hi everyone...I know this request is going to be kind of specific, so maybe I won't get a whole lot of help, but I truly believe that every little bit counts!


My dear family friend Nelsie--who was originally friends with my grandparents and who lived with my family and took care of my brother and I through our childhoods--recently had a stroke. She is 90+ years old; her right side was paralyzed so she is basically immobile but fortunately, her memory is mostly intact and her mind is still sharp as a tack. She remembered things I did almost 15 years ago.

She is now living in a hospice facility and is mainly being visited by her grand-niece, whom she raised. Nelsie's biological children have all passed on, but I'd like to think that she considers my parents, brother and I to be children by adoption. :manyheart


I would very much like to make an afghan to bring to her at the hospice. I've picked the "Kaleidoscope" afghan from Blue Ribbon Afghans (p. 96; it's the one on the cover of the book). It is originally a Leisure Arts pattern, though I don't know what booklet it can be found in.


What I'm actually asking for/Specifications:

-I need hexagon motifs with the first 5 rows of the pattern completed, fastened off and ends woven in.

-Each row should be a different color (but using different shades of the same color, like light and dark blue, next to each other is fine!). I will complete the 6th row of all of them in whatever color I decide to join in (which will probably be ecru).

-Materials: Worsted weight, washable yarns in acrylic or washable wool blends. Metallics are fine as long as they're washable. The pattern calls for an H hook, which has worked up well for me.

-Hexagons with rows 1-5 completed should measure approximately 7" from point to point and 6" from side to side. 1/4" off either way is okay.

-I'd like to keep it mega-multicolored so hopefully it will be bright and cheerful!

-Here are the first 4 hexagons I've made so you have an idea:

1 and 2

3 and 4


If you have access to this pattern and want to help, I would really appreciate it!! I know it's not much time, but I would like to have the afghan assembled by the week of Easter, which is the next time I will be visiting her. Please PM me if you can help or have any questions, and thanks so much!! Hopefully this will make Nelsie very happy! :c9

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If you are looking for the pattern Frann wants us to use, try searching the catalog of your local library. I just looked it up and found 3 copies in my library district. The full title is "Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize-Winning Crocheted Designs" and it's by Valerie Shrader.

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Now that this weekend is over, I can get back to those hexagons! I'm one of two coordinators for my church's holiday bazaar, and we had our first crafting day on Sat. I'm hoping to get these mailed out to you on Thursday :)

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