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My cousin is having a fall baby and her boyfriend mom is making a blanket so I didnt' want to make her one but I thought I could make a lovey for the baby and a layette. I have a few layette patterns but not any for the lovey. What kind of animal do you suggest and do you have any patterns for them? I want something the little one can carry round with him/her for a long time. Thanks.

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Very nice Natalie!


Found these. They're 99 cents each.


Kitty Blanket Buddy:




Alien Blanket Buddy:




Angel Blanket Buddy:




Rabbit Blanket Buddy:




Shaggy Puppy Blanket Buddy:




Teddy Bear Blanket Buddy:




Clown Blanket Buddy:





Go to e-patterns: http://www.e-patternscentral.com/

Do a search for blanket buddy and you'll get all seven. :)

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This is easy. ;)


Lovey the Octopus.


If you can do that, you can make a sort of caterpillar (or segmented worm, if you don't want to make legs)...Just follow the directions for the octopus without making the legs...Do rounds 1 - 16, then do two rounds of six sts each, then rounds 2 - 16. Continue on in that manner (always with 2 rounds of 6 sts) until you've got four or five segments--always stuff as you go, btw, stop at about round 15 to stuff--, then finish it off as described in the octopus pattern. This makes something similar to what you can see in the photo here.


One thing: you want to stuff your toys pretty lightly, so that they're squishy. This will make them easier for a little one to grab onto.

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