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Dyeing to Learn

Woven N Spun

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Ok...I HAD to steal the title from Kathy.

The kids and I went to town dyeing some new yarns this week. Each child got some one on one with mom to create some amazing (if I do say so myself) colors in yarn. We called our lessons a combination of math (liquid and dry measures as well as figuring out how to divide and create the skeins for dyeing), science (the handling of chemicals and their reactions), art (color combos and the freedom to say that color combos don't matter), and for the older kids, marketing (cost of the yarn and supplies, time involved, postage, and all that good stuff to equal a sale price)


These are all self striping yarns too.


So, here's Christopher's English Garden

(he chose the name and colors himself a combo of purple, bright yellow and kelly green)



Jacob's Baby Nothings

(again he chose the colors and name himself a combo of baby pink, baby blue, and pearl grey)



And Jessica's Flight of the Bumble Bee

(she chose the colors and mom helped a small bit on the name...she just called it Bumble Bee a combo of bright yellow and black)




We still have a few more skeins to go so be sure to check back soon. :lol


They are available for sale on my website if anyone is interested.

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I think this is great experience for your children, and they are getting fun out of learning important skills, and a great self confidence boost. Before you know it, they might be starting their own hand dyed yarn business. That should keep you spinning!

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