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Marble pouch

Jimmie Lu

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I designed this for us to give them away in Mexico. So please use it for your own use if you like. But consider sending one my way for help with our work in Mexico!

Crochet Marble bag by Jimmie Lu Smallwood






This pattern is for your personal use only it may not be sold nor may products made by this pattern be sold without written permission of the creator.




Hook size H


Yarn-any type you have some left over from another project!


There is no beg. Ch unless noted you are working in the round



Ch 13


RND 1- SC in second ch and each ch across(12 sc) Then work back across the opposite side 12 more sc for a total of 24 sc. Use a stitch marker to mark beg. of round. DO NOT TURN!


RND 2-18- SC in each SC around (24 SC)


RND 19- Ch. 3 Skip next SC *sc in next sc, Ch 3 repeat from * around join w/ sl. st.


RND 20- Ch 1 SC in each SC and 2 sc in each Ch space around. Join w/ sl st


RND 21- Ch. 2 HDC in each SC around. Join w/ sl. st.


RND 22- Ch 1 SC in each HDC around. Join w/ sl. st.


Fasten off weave in ends



FOR TIE- Ch. 65 fasten off. Weave ch thru ch spaces of RND 19




*Also it has been tested and you can see a photo over at the testing forum if you want to see a photo or results




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