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Yarn event at Michaels

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The one I went to in Portland was a big dissappointment too I'm afraid. The only doorprize was the knifty knitter and I thought that would be fine for 1 doorprize but not all of them-I wanted yarn or needles or a book or something else at least...They had a table set up with teachers to help individuals but weren't doing any demos for anyone to stop and see. I made a big point of taking my friend and she said "this is it?"

They didn't have that much yarn on sale at all either-just what they had in the ad which for a yarn event wasn't that much.

They could have done alot more IMO-I left with some scrapbooking stuff but no yarn...


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I also brought my friend/knitting teacher, and was very disapointed. I felt pretty bad because I felt like I had brought her there for nothing. We weren't able to come in time for the contests, but the lady in the front of the store said that we missed them, so at least they were held. I was really hoping for some good deals and was disapointed at the stuff they had on sale. The kids craft table had no employee at it, and there was no one joining squares. Oh well, I got supplies for my next knitting project and got to use my gift card from Christmas, so that was good. I do want to try out the crochet contest next time, though. The gift baskets you all were mentioning sound worth it for that.

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