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Herrschner's Outlet Store - My Report

Chrome Kitty

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I went to the Herrschner's Outlet Store in Steven's Point, Wisconsin today. I know there are only a handful of Wisconsinites here, but I feel it is my duty as a resident of Crochetville:lol to report on my shopping trip for those of you who live in WI or those who might pass through on vacation.


The yarn variety was pretty good. It was nice to actually touch yarns that I had only seen online, and I found a few I had never heard of. However, there were no deals. In fact, most of it was more expensive than my LYS. Not a lot more, but still . . .


The pattern books were all 1/2 off this week, so I got 5 of them.


There were several afghans on the wall, done in popular Herrschner's patterns. That was neat to see them in real life.


The biggest price shock was the kits. Holy poop! They were insane! There was one kit for an afghan for $169! The one that bothered me the most was a kit to make the santa mittens, hat and scarf pattern that can be found on LB's site for free. It included 2 skeins of LB Chenille and 3 of Fun Fur. $20 worth of yarn and a free pattern for $52!:eek


The people who worked there were awesome. They were all very helpful to everyone and very friendly. I've been completely disgusted by customer service lately, so it was a nice change to see people doing what they're supposed to do.


The customers, however, were driving me crazy. One lady pretty much followed me through the store coughing on me repeatedly and talking VERY loudly to herself. Then I was blessed with a fart from someone who passed me in the aisle. That was lovely. Later someone sat at my table and proceeded to go through the pattern books I had carried over there to look at. I didn't mind that because I figured she didn't know I had picked them out and probably thought they were just sitting there for everyone. Since she didn't fart or cough on me, I didn't say anything. :lol


So, my conclusion is that I wouldn't drive for 2 1/2 hours to go there again, but I would stop by if I was in the neighborhood. I really expected the yarn to be at least a little cheaper than everywhere else. Oh well. It was an adventure.

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The pros and cons of 'in person shopping' against 'on-line shopping'...


do I wanna be coughed on? Nah...


do I wanna sniff someone's fart? ...Peeeeuuuuuwwweeeeee nah nah NAH!!!


Do I wanna touch and feel the yarn? Oh yeah....


Do I wanna squish the skeins of yarn...what kinda dumb question is that?


What's a girl to do?:goodorbad Thankfully I don't live in Wisconsin, never even been there so I have absolutely nothing against Wisconsin but the fact that I live here and not there means I don't have to make this decision regarding this particular store....

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Thank you for the "descriptive" report. LOL! I am disappointed about the store though. They run such good catalog sales I would have hoped their outlet was a discount-o-rama! You've crushed a dream, do you realize that!!! (I'll recover!;) ) Thank's for your investigative report!






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Thanks for the play by play action of your shopping experience.

Funny thing is all those "fun" things can occur anywhere you go...people coughing, farting and so forth~so why not be somewhere you are able to purchase what you want?


I sure wish there were places like that around here.....we only have a few places to purchase yarn...Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Handcock Fabric and Walmart. Not a real huge selection~


Sorry it wasn't any better~



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The time to go there would be their warehouse yarn sales. Though I've never gone to one, the sales are supposed to be really great. Your experience was about the same as mine the one time I went there a few years ago. Lots of cool stuff to look at, but expensive to buy. There used to be an outlet store in Oshkosh, 20 minutes from me, and their prices weren't too good either. Though I did get a few neat things on clearance, a set of thread hooks with plastic handles was one. Love those for thread. It was pretty much put out of business by Aunt Marys that was in the outlet mall at the time. Prices did not even get close to the terrific discounts at Aunt Marys.

Warehouse sales are twice a year, not sure when the next one will be. I always get postcards announcing those, and I could let people know when I get the next one. I try not to order a lot from there, even though their customer service has always been good to me. Living here, we have to pay that pesky state tax that out-of-staters don't have to pay!

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