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Gaywool Dyes - First Skein Dyed


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Beautiful! Can't wait to see the sock.


Here are two products which might help keep the color in the yarn:


Retayne, which is a fixative for dyed cotton. It stops bleeding.


Synthrapol, a concentrated surfactant, for washing hand dyed fabrics, and to use in dye bath for even dye results, and to use before dyeing to remove sizing. It also can be used to remove excess dye from hand dyed fabrics.

Both by Oak Craft Industries in Somerset, MA.


My mother buys them at quilt shops.

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Your yarn came out wonderful. The colors are so vibrant. Did you heat set it in any way?




Yes, I did....through almost-boiling water for almost 30 minutes on the stove top. The dye took quite well too...I rinsed it right out until the water was clear and it still has lots of colour.

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