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Snowflake Christmas tree

Tampa Doll

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i'll have to check this 101 snowflake thing out! that is absolutely beautiful!


and they would make great xmas gifts for my five kids and three granddaughters and one grandson!

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Wow, a year, it would take me a couple, or at the rate I'm going 10, I make a few ornaments each year to add to my tree, Someone once said to me eventually your tree will be all crocheted , they need to see yours.:cheer or was that you? Great tree..

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Wow that is incredible.


You are an amazing craftman.. Just gorgeous that tree topper is a Show Stopper...what a jewel.



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Mary Jo your tree is AMAZING. My daughter is getting married on 30/12/08 and the theme of her wedding is snowflakes. With this in mind I hope to put up a 'snowflake' tree decorated with mainly snowflakes. So I nearly swooned when I saw your tree. It has given me great inspiration. BEAUTIFUL!!!

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this is my snowflake christmas tree. It has about 101 snow flakes all different

made from the 101 snow flake book. It took a year to make them. I also added

some crochet angels, doves, bells and balls.


this year i added the angel tree topper angelica. th_atreetopangela.gif



it is now completely decorated with my handmade crochet decorations.

i often find john my dh sitting in the dark just looking at the tree and

lights twinkling.





i ask him what are you doing.

he says “oh nothing just waiting for santa†th_treelightsnight.gif




i hope i am submiting this in the right place.

I have never seen such gorgeous work. It really is splendid.

I can not say enough.

Thank you janie cordle

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My mom's tree is decorated with only handmade ornaments. Not all crocheted by her, a lot of them are ornaments my sister and I made her as we were growing up. But she says there is something special about a tree with handmade ornaments, and I have to agree with her! I'm working on making all my ornaments, but until I get them done, I guess I'll have to settle for a few store bought ones to fill in the bare spots! lol

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