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Buckets of mittens


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Okay, so I didn't make a whole bucket full, but I do use a bucket to full the mittens. Here's the before photo:


And after an hour or two of plunging:


I used the Lion Brand Homespun Family of Mittens pattern, vintage wool that I picked up for a steal a few years ago, an N hook, and used the Man Size. My only recommendation, as it seems to full more in width than length, would be to make it even wider than the pattern calls for, as this barely fits my hand (and that was after a little stretching). Pre-stretching (post-fulling) it fits a 10-year-old just fine.

The colors washed out a bit more with this color yarn than some of the others (same brand) and I'm not sure if it's due to the hotter water (I used nearly boiling water) or what, but I'm going to get started on another pair (using a little cooler water) and I'll post the results.

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