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Pattern help crochet Smurf




I just started this pattern and ran into a line that I am unsure of. Any help would be appreciated.

The link to the pattern is: https://www.lovecrafts.com/en-us/p/smurf-puffo-crochet-pattern-by-valery-lab?authType=signin

The line in question: Now we work a leg, continues with the white yarn.

Counts 10 stitches and join with a chain the last point made with 10° stitch.

What does that last part mean? last point made with 10° stitch.

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Just because of the wording, I am going to guess that the pattern writer is not a native English speaker - nothing wrong with that, I'd hate to have to make myself understood to a native Spanish speaker using my very rusty High School Spanish to compose a crochet pattern.

I wonder if the ° is meant to be "th", in other words 10th stitch?  In other languages, you wouldn't use 1st for 'first', or 10th for 'tenth', because 'st' or 'th' make sense in English but not, for example, in Spanish, 'tenth' is 'decimo'. 

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I am member at lovecrafts and it wouldnt download for me but this is better.  I ran the part in question thru a translator and got the following

"Row 17-19  1 sc in each stitch [20 stitches]

Fill with stuffing
now we will start working one leg, continue with white yarn
count 10 stitches and join the last point made with the 10th with a chain"
You are going to make 10 stitches, pinch it together so you can then join to the first of these 10 stitches to get started on one leg.
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