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Ray - Crochet kit manufacturing journey


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Hi everyone,
My name is Ray, I am an online entrepreneur, and some of my friends are strong crochet enthusiasts. Most of them have been complaining of the yarn quality and other features that they would like to improve to make their passion a tad more pleasant. 
I admit that I know close to nothing with regards to crochet. Oh yes, the only detail I know is that 'crochet' is a French word, and so is my mother tongue.😁 

Anyways, I have embarked on a journey to manufacture the best crochet kit and I would definitely use your help. My friends obviously share details and inputs regarding all the tools and accessories within the world of crochet, however, inputs from this forum would also be fantastic. 
- What are you expecting to find when you buy a crochet kit?
- What is the best yarn to crochet
- Best size of crochet?
- wood or metal?

I will obviously browse the forum and try to get a thorough understanding of this great passion, and who knows I might get into it! 🙂 

Many thanks!


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Welcome to Crochetville!  Interesting questions.

I'm in the US.  Regarding crochet hooks, there are several types.  For projects like clothing, toys and  blankets, hooks nowadays are mostly aluminum, although I own a few (older) plastic ones.  I don't have any experience with wood or bamboo hooks, but I have bamboo knitting needles, and while I've slightly bent some of the thinner ones (they've conformed to the way I hold them), they are holding up well function-wise.

Then, another complication for hooks - there are 2 types of 'hook shapes', and crocheters are usually very solidly in favor of one type or another.  You'll have to do some research of whether inline or tapered style hooks are more popular.

For 'best yarn' - I won't comment on brands, but cotton would probably be best for washcloths or potholders, the latter because it is fairly heat resistant; or even baby toys.  Animal fibers would probably not be the best idea for a kit, some people have allergies or don't want to deal with the care it requires.  Acrylic is pretty common for toys and blankets, but a poor choice for washcloths and potholders.  There is no such thing as a universal 'best yarn', but there are a lot of different yarns out there fit for different purposes.  

For patterns - Crochetville has a 'help' forum, and a LOT of questions are about badly written patterns, or ones that are accurate but confusingly written.  Kits typically include patterns, so you'll have to have someone writing unique new patterns--please make sure that they have their patterns 'tested' before publishing them. (This just means having someone else try to follow the pattern and spot errors or help ensure the clarity).  Just throwing this out there, you would not be able to include a pattern in a kit without the author's permission without violating US copyright laws.

edited to add, I would guess you'd also need permission to re-sell an existing yarn brand as part of your kit, if you haven't researched that already.



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Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

We are always so glad to meet new friends.

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