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Newbie to doillies


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Hi Grace, welcome to Crochetville.

Can you provide a picture?  It would be easier to tell as I am not sure what you mean by scrubby looking.   I know when I make doilies they are not flat per say because I have them scrunched in my hand as I am crocheting, especially if they are large.  If you wash it and block it (pin it), it will make it flatter and sometimes you might have to iron your doily.

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You could always ask in the Crochet Help section, there is always someone there who can help.

Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

We are always so glad to meet new friends.

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Lacycrochet is spot on, thread doilies get lovely later, after you have blocked them, but are not very presentable in-process.

I mostly make doilies nowadays, and I know Lacycrochet makes a lot as well.  I don't like to iron my doilies (plus, sometimes they have 3-D elements, so you can't iron those), but they do need blocking.  For this, get some rust proof pins - this is a MUST, normal pins will rust and ruin  your work (trust me, been there).  I think I got mine at Walmart, but Michaels should carry them (this is an international forum, but I'll assume you are in the US)

You will need something to block them on, and a template to block them to.  I use a 'presentation board', which is I think 30"x 24", about 1/2" thick, made of dense Styrofoam with paper front and back - I got mine at Michaels' and have been using it for years, but I've seen thinner ones at the dollar store (I'd probably use 2 of those so the pins don't go thru).

Template - for round doilies, I make a polar graph .  The math looks confusing; basically you'll need a piece of paper bigger than a doily (plain printer paper taped together works), a compass (for drawing circles), and a protractor.  A circle is 360°.  Center-out doilies have some number of repeats.  Divide 360 by whatever number of repeats your doily has - example for 12 the result would be 30.  For this example, you would draw a straight line across the center of your paper, find the center of that line, and with your protractor mark off every 30° in a circle around that line, and draw lines from the  center to your marks all the way around, so you have made a sort of starburst.  Then, with the compass, draw circles spaced about 1" apart from the center point.  Make your lines in pencil, not pen, if ink gets wet thru a pinhole it could stain your doily.

When I block, I put the marked template on the presentation board and cover it with plastic wrap; I have been using the same board and templates over and over for years, they are a little less pristine than they originally were, but work fine.

For square doilies and filet, I made a template of 1" squares.


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