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2023 Gift Making and Charity Crochet/Knitting


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Good morning busy crafting people!

The idea of a dedicated thread for gift making and charity crafting  seems to resonate with many of you, so here we are again!

We love pictures, and I'm sure if anyone is looking for ideas or help, there will be likely be people here who can offer either or both. 

Happy crafting...and above all, just enjoy whichever hobby your favorite one happens to be. 


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16 hours ago, RecycleCindy said:

Just finished this little crocheted hat for my granddaughter's first birthday. I sure hope it fits. I did make it a bit big so hopefully (fingers crossed) that it fits.


So cute! I think the pattern you used has a lot of give to it...should be a good fit!

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1 hour ago, Tampa Doll said:

Well, I have posted the fall dress, here is the Spring dress.  I have to get a picture of the Summer and I am working on the Winter dress.   This will be going to Baily4's charity.



A very pretty dress and the hat matches it just right too!

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