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Hello. I started crocheting in 2019 when my mom taught me just about all she knew- how to chain stitch and how to turn on a row. Since then, my grandma has shown me more. I have made many shawls based on a single seashell-type pattern which I have given as gifts. I made a Mario star plushie for my brother. I have attempted socks and bras but have not been successful at those. I have made a chapstick holder. I have finally mastered a triangle shawl pattern which I used to make a covering for a couch. I have made many hats using the half double crochet stitch and a flower headband. I have also made a purse for a wheelchair. I have made flowers that are the centerpieces for a granny square afghan that I have not worked on much. I have also made fingerless arm warmers. I have attempted making baby booties using rabbit fur as the soles. 


Right now my crochet interests are focused on finding a baby bootie pattern that I like. I have a three month almost four month old son. I will post pictures of the type of booties I want to make. I also want to make baby ponchos using the triangle shawl pattern I have, but I am not sure if I will need to adjust the pattern. I also would like to learn to knit and make socks. I want to make an afghan using the flowers I have made, also. 


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Welcome to the Ville!  You are very ambitious, and your shawl is lovely. 

I think you would be better off following a poncho pattern so you don't have to make seams by making 2 triangles and sewing them up at the shoulders (don't forget to leave a hole for the head!), but that would certainly work. 

Here are a bunch of child size poncho patterns, skill level beginner or easy, on the Lion Band yarn site.  I made a coming-home adult size one for myself back when that was popular (also from this site) that I thought was pretty easy, if you get stuck come back here and ask a question in the help section.

If you have ever made a granny square, the coming home poncho is a 2 cornered granny square with a hole in the middle. (and looks like the Endearing poncho is as well)

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