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Fluffy Double Stitch

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some help regarding a (free) pattern I'd like to create. In the pattern they talk about a 'Fluffy Double Crochet'/Stitch'. You can fond the pattern here: https://www.lovelycraft.com/velvet-crochet-bunny-amigurumi-pdf-pattern/

My question had to do with the upper leg, round 6 where the round switches from 18 to 15 stitches and one of the steps is '3 FDC in 1' and FDC is described as 'Fluffy Double Crochet'. Any ideas what is meant by this? It kind of looks like a Bobble Stitch but I'm not sure and normally that wouldn't reduce the stitches. 

Thanks a lot! 


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Welcome to the 'ville!  And, I am at a loss of what that stitch could mean, and very disappointed in the designer--there is a 'special stitches section' that only says fdc=fluffy double crochet, but she does not define what it is!  Designers 'invent' stitches all the time and can name them whatever they want, but they have to define them either inside the pattern, like "do this, do that --FDC made" (so when FDC comes up later, you know what it is) or in the special stitches section - that is what that section is for!    

It also does not define PSM, it says 'displacement loop'.  My brain went too 'place stitch marker' but I'm not certain.

I wonder if FDC means HDC?  That (HDC) would sort of describe a fluffy SC tho.  Hmm.  For that spot in the pattern, I might try just putting 3 HDC in 1 stitch and see how it looks, or what effect it has in that spot.  This would make a sort of bump - in the second photo, it looks like the front paw sort of turns at the wrist - maybe that's what it's meant to for, since it is near the fingers?  

Good luck!

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