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My hat tags ...uggg

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Hi All you wonderful crochet people!!!!

I finally ordered some sew on hat tags I was so excited to add them to my hats but...the writing is upside down unless the brim is rolled up which for most of my hats you wouldn't roll the brim they work on top of my headbands but are upside down if I put on bottom where I want them does anyone have recommendations on what else I can use them for or if the writing is upside down on the hat is it a big deal I have nothing against the company but I did order quite a few and now feel at a loss they are folded tags so half sits outside a hat and half inside on the brim anyway what are your thoughts?

thanks so much





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I think I see what you mean, it took me a while to picture it.  

So you have something like this

blank  (this would fold to the top backside of the headband--we are talking about a headband, like on a fedora, not the brim edge)

message (this would show in front, at the top edge of the headband)

and you want

message (this would show in front, at the bottom edge of the headband)

blank (this would fold to the bottom backside of the headband)

I would first try to get them to replace them if you ordered them especially and specifically the way you expected, but if it was due to your misunderstanding of how the labels worked, I would put them in the less desired position - putting them upside down makes no sense whatsoever.

However, since they fold - can you fold the label in half (back on itself), and then sew around the folded label in the spot on the brim where you want it?  In other words, nothing folds around the brim?  Assuming you sew with matching sewing thread, this can be done without the stitches showing on the reverse.  


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