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Margaret Anne

Margaret anne

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I am fairly new at crochet from Ontario Canada. I am attempting to make the POSITANO Tee however I am already stuck on the 2nd row. I currently have 96 stitches, Row 2 is as follows; Ch1, 1 HDH in same st. *1sl st in next st, 1 HDH in next st. Repeat from * 46 times.  1 sl st in next st. Turn your work. 
This repeat gives me 92 sts  plus 1 HDH and 1 sl st = 94 sts. I don’t understand the ch1, 1 HDH in same st. where are the 2 missing stitches to total 96. Please help. 
Thanking you Margaret Anne.

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Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

We are always so glad to meet new friends.

The best place for help is in Crochet Help.  You will get the answer you need.  I am not very good at helping.

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Welcome Margaret Anne!  

I assume HDH means half double crochet (HDC), using US terms.  That is an odd stitch with regard to 'turning chains', sometimes it is treated like a SC; when you start a row of SC, you chain 1 and SC in the first stitch you encounter, because the chain 1 does not count as a stitch.  When you start a row of DC, you chain 3, and skip the first stitch, because the turning 3 chains counts as the first stitch, so you have to skip the real first stitch.

So what your pattern is saying is to treat a HDC like a SC in this regard.  Chain 1 (the chain does not count as a stitch), HDC in the first stitch.

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