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Happy Thanksgiving November Table 2022 (Heavy in pictures)

Tampa Doll

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Happy Thanksgiving.

It is time for my November Table.

Since it is a smaller table, I have used a shawl that was made for me as the cover.  I have put all my little dolls on the table and of course my Angels.  They are the two Harvest Angels.

I have set up my Native American Village and a table of Pilgrims.

Thanksgiving was a Holiday my Mom enjoyed, as Dad would go to the Navy yard in Philadelphia to get 3 sailors to come spend the day with us.  Every year he would put in for young men who could not go home.  Secretly we thought he did it to marry my sister off.  Mom loved it as she only had 3 girls to cook for so she finally had someone who ate her food with gusto.

So here is my celebration to Thanksgiving.


Table Nov 2022 (3).JPG

Table Nov 2022 (1).JPG


Table Nov 2022 (2).JPG

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Awe thanks Mary Jo. The Autumn leaves are the perfect touch And I love the story about the Thanksgiving sailor guests. I miss the huge Thanksgiving celebration dinners. I had 3 uncles and 2 aunts, their spouses and kids, our grandparents, plus several family friends, so holiday celebrations were a lot of people, so much fun no matter which time of the year.

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Yeah, we were a small group for holidays.  We would go to Philly to see Aunts and Uncles after Thanksgiving.

I forgot to mention, the leaves light up.  They are on a timer, so they go on at 3 PM and off at 9PM.

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That's something I've been adjusting too since COVID as growing up we were never had "small" groups for holidays as I'm one of 8 kids. 

When my parents invited any relatives or my brothers invited friends home from college who didn't have a place to go the holidays we sometimes squeezed into odd places in the house to give everyone a place to eat.  When people started to get married with kids it was completely crazy. 

Even when some siblings moved away things really didn't change until my parents retired to NC and we still had get togethers but nothing as crazy as when we were kids.  COVID kind of killed the large family gatherings.  Since I was hosting many of them I don't miss all the work.  I'd love to find a more equitable solution to seeing people for the holidays.  Not sure it always has to be a huge meal. Yet, while people still talk about wanting to get together, can't get anyone to be open to doing something different so the last few years we've done our own thing for Thanksgiving and Christmas and its oddly been much less stressful.

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