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Pattern question.




I have been trying to make an owl from Vanesa Mooncie book. But I am stuck,

Can someone explain what this means please and how I end up with 44Sts at end of row 3.

Row1 : with white, work 1dc into next 6 dc, sl st in next dc, turn (I can understand this bit.)

Row 2: 1 dc in same dc as sl st, 1 dc in next 7 dc, sl st in next dc,  turn.(I can understand this bit.)

Row 3: (Inc) 1 dc in same dc al slst, 1dc in next 3 dc, (dc2inc) twice, 1dc in next 4dc, sl st in next dc turn (44sts)

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Hi Edward, welcome to the 'ville!

I am not familiar with the designer but she is in the UK so will assume you are are working a pattern written in UK stitch terms.

A question:  What comes before row 1?  Is row1 worked into a foundation chain, or part way across a row or round? Are there unused chains or stitches left over before you turned?  I am guessing you are working a short row part way across a round, but I may not be imagining this correctly.

Row 1 creates 7 stitches--6 into DCs from below, 1 into a slst, then you turn. 

Row 2 does not make sense to me unless you are working in short rows, because you are working into more stitches than you created in row 1--the last slst is into a stitch that wasn't part of the stitches in row 1, it has to be 1 stitch before the beginning of row 1.

Row 3, again, makes no sense if there wasn't something before row 1.  It would make sense as a short row, where you'd work across row 1 and 2, down the edge and onto the stitches that came before row 1.  That sounds a lot more confusing than it is...

More on the short row concept - instead of working all the way back and forth across a row (or around a round), you work part way across, turn, work part way across, turn, and repeat in some scheme usually with shorter rows (hence the name) until you have made a sloping  'hill' of stitches.  Then at some point you stop turning and work into the edge of the rows down one side of the hill to the end of the row (or some defined point for a round), turn and go back the other way in a similar manner, and so on.  It's used in clothing to raise the back neck of a sweater for example, and I imagine there are all sorts of areas that it could be used to shape a 3D owl. 

Is the pattern on the internet, or a photo of the finished owl?  Can you tell where this shaping is happening?

Ah, I see Bgs has replied...so maybe it's not short rows after all.  I didn't think to check Ravelry  projects.

edited - are you working on the wings?  Because that has short rows, except it is a half-hill, not a whole hill, if I'm not taking the analogy too far.  The half-hill uses a stitch from the shoulder part of the wing--look at the wing in the photo where the wing is next to the owl's unassembled face.  Instead of completing a hill and coming back to the owl, as I was imagining, it makes half a hill, turns at the bottom edge of the wing and comes back to connect on the next stitch on the shoulder part of the wing.


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