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I would say between 5-6 feet for an adult; plenty to wrap around the neck, or (as I sometimes did as a kid), put 1 end just past my neck, passed it over my ears and head and then around the neck, so it ended up functioning (sort of) as a hat and scarf combo.

Or, a balaclava hat might be a not-bad idea depending on your climate, sort of like a ski mask but you can pull it down so the whole face is open, so it covers head and neck.  I've never made or worn one (but like I said improvised one out of my scarf), but I'd imagine you could roll it up so it only covered the head like a hat if you wanted.

edit, forgot to say welcome to the 'ville!

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Hi my name is Ian I started to crochet after I had mini strokes to help with hand and brain coordination gotta say took me a while but I love it . Just wanted to join somewhere to chat 

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