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Happy Halloween October 2022

Tampa Doll

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It is almost the middle of the month and I thought I would throw in some Halloween fun.

This is what my table looks like now.  Not able to put out what I use to, but still lots of fun.

Ghost, Goblins, Witches and Candy Corn all ready to go out and Trick or Treat, with Mom dressed as a Witch to watch over all.

So I want to wish everyone a :jack :skeleton Happy Halloween :jack :skeleton



OCT 2022 (1).JPG

OCT 2022 (2).JPG

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Happy Halloween! And.......Lovin' it! Thank you. I also looked through your amazing catalogue of photos titled, "Mary Jo's Craft Pictures". I so enjoyed seeing all you've made. Thank you for sharing that too.

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Thank you all.  

Granny Square, you never saw the couch, as it was hidden behind the tree.  I no longer have a tree to decorate, so I decided to do the couch.

I am all ready for the Hob Gobblins when they come.

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I'm glad to see your jewelry. It looks wonderful! I even have a heightened sense of celebration, lol. Are you expecting guests on this wonderful day? And are you willing to give greedy kids a few pounds of candy? My husband and I love Halloween and celebrate it with our close friends. Of course, our decorations don't compare to your hard work, but the atmosphere is very festive. We usually give each other small gifts. A gift basket with candy is great for a Halloween gift. If you are interested, you can find a suitable gift basket here www.jetgiftbaskets.com. Wishing you a happy Halloween!

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