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Hi! I'm trying to make a bag, and I just don't understand the pattern very well. I'm at the start of the whole thing, where the first step is to make the base.


R1: ch29, second chain from hook, (3sc) in one st, 26sc, (4sc) in one st, 27sc, slst <60>


I don't really get it, if I chain 29, do I turn it around and start in the second chain from the hook, and put 3sc into that second chain? Then I do the 26sc continuing down the first chain, then the 4sc in one. But then where do I put the 27 sc. How is there 60 in row one, when I only chain 29?

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Welcome to the ville!

This is a confusing instruction the first time one runs into it, and a frequent subject in the help section.  It is not difficult, just a little 'mind bending' the first time.

It is having you work in an oval, the first half into the chain as usual, THEN the weird part - you turn the chain upside down so it is facing up, and work into the loops of the chain you did not use the first time.  

There are 3 loops to a chain - one of them is the 'back bump'.  I do not suggest that you use the back bump for the either pass (some like it because they think it 'looks better', but it is unfit for this purpose IMO because it pulls the chain too tight to use both sides of it.

What I tend to do (any time working into a chain) is work into the top loop of the chain, as the chain is facing you, and this works well for ovals.  

"R1: ch29, second chain from hook, (3sc) in one st, 26sc, (4sc) in one st,

27sc, slst <60>"

I've copied your instruction into 2 lines. 

The top line is the one you would do 'as usual', with the chain facing you, I suggest in the top loop only.  The (3sc) in 1 stitch at the beginning is forming the first 'corner turn'  The (4sc) in 1 st at the end is turning the other corner.

The second line is done using the loops of the chain you didn't use on the first pass.  Turn the chain with the same side facing you so the stitches you just made are under the chain, and the unused loops of the chain are facing up, and return to the beginning.


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