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Help with crochet technique name



Hi, so I´ve been trying to remember the name of this technique for days now, I had a link saved with an article talking about it and can´t find it either. I know this is made by crocheting separate irregular pieces and then joining them, does anyone know the name of this technique? Reference image is a piece by Kelly Limerick


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Welcome to the 'vile!

This is an interesting piece.  Part of it reminds me of latch-hook -- a rug making craft which uses a fabric mesh, a not-crochet hook and short (3" or so if memory serves) pieces of yarn; latch hook (and macramé) wall hangings like this were a big thing in the 1970s.  I don't think this is either of those, just similar in some respects.

Other parts of it looks like crochet stitches worked vertically, in other words coming out of a base fabric toward your view at a 90° angle.  Crochet is very flexible, you can make stitches in any direction;  I'm thinking something like 'wiggly crochet' in the orientation of the stitches but in straight lines, not the wiggly pattern - link to video.

It just occurred to ask Google to search for the image, and it came up with this piece for sale, which mentions a wire mesh - so I think part of the wiggly concept is at work here.  Maybe it had to be wire to keep its shape; the wiggly technique starts with you crocheting a mesh, which anchor the vertical stitches, so THAT part is the same.

Edited to add, that could explain the 'latch hook look too, just chain up from the mesh and slip stitch back down.


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