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Help with a stitch



I hope you can help with the way this pattern is written.   It is as follows: 

row 18.  1 sc 9 times, [ 2 sc + 1 sc 3 times ] re 10 times, [2 sc in 1st] 1 time,  1sc 11 times  (72)

I understand all but what's in the first set of brackets.   Can you help me,  please?

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It might mean

make 2 sc into one stitch, make 1 sc in each of next 3 stitches

Do all of the above 10 times

Sometimes you have to treat patterns like puzzles and logic problems especially ones that do not conform to standard accepted way for writing patterns.  You look at the stitch count for rows if given.  This row its 72 so if I worked my first guess listed above you get 72 stitches.  

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