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Raised or Ribbed stripes



Hello, I am a new member, I am in my 70's and just started crocheting 16 months ago and I am HOOKED (with great happiness!)

I have 2 questions:

1. I need help/advice on which stitch to use for an afghan. The attached picture will clarify - I want to crochet 6 inches in one color and then have 2 rows of a different color, 2 rows of the first color raised, and 2 rows of the 2nd color. Then I want to crochet 6 inches in the first color NOT raised.

PLEASE NOTE that the attached picture was knitted, not crocheted and I am trying to get the same effect.

I know that to start the first raised stripe, I have to do a front post stitch, but then when I want to go back to the "flat" section, what kind of stitch do I need to do?

2. I also would like to use a stitch that has a straight line edge, so that the edges of the stripe are "crisp". Which are the best stitches to use to do this?

Thank you so much!


Knitted stripe blanket.jpg

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Edited because I got interrupted between reading your question and typing the answer, and didn't really answer the texture part.

The raised part is garter stitch (if you are interested, on a turned piece, straight knitting, so you see alternating front and back side of the knit stitch, that reads 'equally bumpy on both sides').  Really, the only way I can think to get close is using post stitches, either sc or hdc, front posts on 1 side and back posts on the other if you want bands of 1 side to look raised, or the same post (either front or back, but not alternating) if you want it to look raised on both sides, but the ridges will be a bit more 'gappy'. 

Between the raised areas, this stitch of many names, altho it is a tiny bit open, does look a bit like knitting on 1 side.


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