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Chevron Baby Blanket



Hi, all!  

I'm a super beginner, who has decided to make the leap from "Woobles" kits.  I have a friend who's expecting, and I'd like to present her with a baby blanket before the kid's 16th birthday, lol.

I've already had to restart once because I noticed my lines were shrinking so I obviously wasn't counting correctly.  Before I go and make more mistakes, can I clarify the pattern's directions with someone?  I apologize in advance since I'm sure this is incredibly basic... 

At the end of Row 1 (which was 98 SC), TURN.

Row 2:  Ch2 (does not count as a st), *dc2, hdc2, sc6, hdc2, dc2*.  Rep from * to *. Fasten off.  Turn and change to A (yarn color)

Row 3-6: (Ch2, dc) in first st counts as *2 dc in next st, dc 4, etc....

So my questions are:

1) When I turn, do I add a chain before progressing to the next row, or do the instructions to Ch2 at the beginning of these rows count?  If I'm chaining at the Turn, how many do I add?  Is it 3 since I'm switching to DC?

2) The Ch2 in Row 2 - does that go in the first stitch?

Many thanks in advance!  




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Try working it exactly as its written.  Looks like pattern is explicit on telling you to ch 2 at the beginning of the rows and whether to count it as stitch for the row.  Row 2 ch 2 does not count as a stitch but row 3-6 ch 2 is counted as a stitch since it says ch 2, dc counts as 2 stitches.  When working dc's some patterns use ch 3 to bring you up to start your row others use a ch 2.  This pattern is using ch 2.  If it looks better in your opinion ch 3 instead of 2 but not in addition to.  The designer felt ch 2 worked better.   This explains turning chains and where to put your first stitch.


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