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New member - need help with pattern


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My name is Liz and I'm from Massachusetts.

I have some yarn from Michael's - Loops & Threads - the Yarn is Baby Delight.  Nice pattern on the wrapper for a Dainty Diamonds Blanket marked easy.

I have spent numerous hours ripping out the Row 3 - numerous lol.  

The baby will be an adult by the time I get this done.

If anyone has tried this pattern, I would so appreciate some help.

And I have come to realized that I despise making stuffies and sewing.  lol


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Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

We are always so glad to meet new friends.

Sorry, I do not know that pattern.  But I understand having to rip our several rows in an afghan.

As in the Crochet help, you should get help there.

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I too am having a hard time with the Row 3 of this pattern.  I will tell you what it says below.

Ch 3, dc in the next 2 sts, *sk next st, dc in the next 2 sts, working in front of 2 dc just made, dc in skipped st, sk next 2 sts, dc in next st, working behind dc just made, dc in each of 2 skipped sts**, dc in next 6 sts; rep from * to last 3 sts, ending last rep at **, dc in last 3 sts, turn. 

there are 144 stitches so that you are aware.

I understand up until "working behind dc just made, dc in each of 2 skipped sts**"    I don't understand what they mean when it says to work behind dc just made.  I also am not sure what the ** means.  

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You skipped stitch(es)and made a stitch or two.  Now you are going to go back and work into a skipped stitch.  In order to do this you will have to maneuver your hook back to the skipped stitch by putting it either putting it in front of or behind the stitch you just made. 

They are using * and ** so they can condense down what could be lengthy instructions.  When I come across instructions that are long and confusing I break it up into smaller chunks and work it a step at a time. 

Its telling you to work the instructions between the *             * until you reach the last 3 stitches of your row but on your last repeat stop at the **.  Then dc in last 3 stitches.

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