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I got suckered


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Yes, I somehow managed to get hornswoggled into paying $49.95 for the near-useless Happily Hooked site.  It strikes me as nothing more than mostly  cheesy patterns combined with endless come-ons to hurry up and buy a lifetime membership for only $249.95.  ☹️  Nothing substantial in the way of patterns, as we were led to believe.

I should've gone to reddit to see the comments there first.

Oh, well.  I will lick my wounds and be more careful in the future.  I'm grateful for crochetville.com & ravelry.    Boy, am I grateful. 

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Hi, Kids.  I applied for a refund.  We shall see what happens.  Thanks to all of you.  

No matter what I clicked on, after becoming a subscriber, there would appear a fast talker chatting up the benefits of a lifetime membership. 

Oh, well. 

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