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Pattern is confusing me!



This row in the pattern is confusing me!

Row 2: Sc2tog, SC until 2 sts remain, t do not chain at end of row (57)

Rep Row 2 until you've finished Row 32.

Here's how I'm interpreting:

Row 1 is Sc and results in 59 stitches (not including the ch 1). I turn, the first two stitches are combined in the Sc2tog and the next 55 stitches are Sc, then the last two stitches are combined in Sc2tog, resulting in 57 stitches. 

First, it's this correctly interpreted?

Next is the repeating until I've finished with row 32. Now, from the images it looks like the it should be an isosceles trapezoid but when I repeat row 2 30 times (making 32 rows) I 1) don't get to row 32 because I run out of stitches and 2) get a triangle. 

What am I doing wrong? Here's the free pattern site if you're interestedhttps://www.sewrella.com/crochet-rainier-sweater-free-pattern/

Thank you in advance!

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Rep Row 2 until you’ve finished Row 31 (32, 35, 38, 41, 44, 47)

Maybe a typo maybe row 31 should be row 13. Stop when you reach the right stitch count for the size you are making.

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Also looking at this some more.  There are some puzzling things.

Row 2: Sc2tog, SC until 2 sts remain, t do not chain at end of row 

Note it does not tell you to sc2tog those last 2sc.  It says sc until 2 sc remain then turn that would leave those last 2 sc unworked and decrease each row by 3 stitches.  I believe you were correct in assuming to sc2tog those last 2 stitches thereby decreasing each row by 2 stitches since that is what we see happening with the stitch counts.

so row 2 and the following rows would each be decreasing by 2 stitches and for size small you want to stop when you reach the row leaving you with 35 stitches.

For small size ch 60

Row 1 has 59 stitches

Row 2 has 57

Row 3 has 55

Row 4 has 53

Row 5 has 51

Row 6 has 49

Row 7 has 47

Row 8 has 45

Row 9 has 43

Row 10 has 41

Row 11 has 39

Row 12 has 37

Row 13 has 35


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