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Shaping a right neck



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Do just what it says.  Seriously, when in doubt for any crochet instruction, follow it blindly - the worse than can happen is you have to rip out a few stitches.  99.99% of the time, the result the pattern intends will ensue.

Think of the neckline of a a tank top, the neckline is not straight across, there's a dip front and back, and it has 'shoulder straps'.  A top that eventually will have sleeves added is made in a similar way, there's a dip to some degree front and back for the neck, and sleeves will get attached to the 'straps' on the other side.

I made this diagram a while back because shirt shaping comes up a lot.  Your piece may not have indented armholes, or EXACTLY this shape, but should be similar.  I assume, by the point in the instructions that you quoted, that you have finished the yellow 'shoulder strap'.  Now you have to break the yarn, skip the center 11 stitches if you are making the smallest size (this would be the top center of the pink area, in the middle) and rejoin the yarn (you are joining it to start the red 'strap'.  If you skipped 11 stitches, you join the yarn with a slip stitch in the 12th stitch


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