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I am stuck



I am making this :  https://amigurumitoys.myeatbook.com/2020/11/03/amigurumi-cat-in-a-hat-free-crochet-pattern/?fbclid=IwAR0ylYrWjM_tTREYwpWm6QNxjqLl02nc3d2UULEVEuYU5QxsXtHty834At8
but I cannot figure out how to do the muzzle . Any help would be so appreciated .  Thank youin advance .

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Amigurumi Cat in a Hat Free Crochet Pattern
Yorum bırakın / AMİGURUMİ ANİMAL, Genel / Yazan admin
Is this it?

Consists of two parts, the first is knitted vertically, the second is knitted horizontally.

You don’t need to stuff them.

First part
1row-6into magic ring    (row 1, 6 sc in magic ring)

2row-6  (row 2, 6 sc around)

pull in one loop, then dial 2 ch and in the second from the hook knit 6 sc, close the circle, tie another 6 loops in a circle, and again pull the loops into one.

Join ?, chain 2

The second part of
1row-6 into magic ring

2-4row-6, pull in one loop, cast on 2 ch and in the second knit 6 sc, close the circle and knit 3 more rows of 6 loops in a circle, pull the loops.

row 2-4,

Confusing when she says knitted but means crochet.

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Wow, that is a beautiful cat!  Looks like it might be needle felted after making? 

I wonder if the designer is not a native English speaker, aside from other odd word usage ('dial', 'cast on')  I've read that in Russian for example the same word is used for knit & crochet, and you need to use the word with an adjective, as in (word) with hook or (word) with needles.  Sort of makes sense, they're both about pulling loops thru loops with yarn or thread. 

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