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Welcome to the 'ville!  I do work mostly with thread, but sorry to say on the (very rare) occasion I do use metallic thread I have the same issue and just stop and let it spin around a few times to get the kinks out.   Will be watching this thread to see if any others come by with ideas...

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On 12/6/2021 at 12:32 PM, Skayes said:

Does anyone know a way to crochet with Aunt Lydia's size 10 metallic thread without having it twist constantly.  I've tried everything to make it stop twisting with no luck.

I basically follow what Granny Square said.  I have used cones as mentioned below but it can get tangly, if too much pulled off at a time. Here's what I found on the topic.

Prevent the Twist
Crochet thread tends to twist more while you're working than regular yarn does. It helps to work with thread that is on a cone. It also helps to hold your work slightly more loosely although this can affect the outcome of your project; you need to strike a balance between good working tension and looseness for de-twisting. Recommended suggestions for smaller projects include using a stitch holder in the loop on your hook, allowing the piece to untwist. You can also use a yarn holder.

written for cross stitchers...

"Unwind every few stitches
To reduce twisting and tangling, let the needle hang every few stitches to unwind. Using a conditioner such as Thread Magic can also help to make metallics more manageable to work with.

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