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On the Go Yarn Bag


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Hi everyone not sure if this is the right spot...for sharing this...

Let me start off with telling you regularly price it was $39.99 it was out of my budget range but I thought gee this would be a perfect yarn bag....

Oh well I'll just keep dealing with my 12 x12 bag I have...Imagine my surprise when I looked up above where sometimes they put prices they were $10 a bag... 😲 Wow!!!! A few minutes later an employee came by with one of those hand scanners and I made absolutely sure that the price was really $10.. Two of the bag colors where 10 each but the dark blue one of these was regularly priced $39.99? Really... He said who's created this end cap made the error so they have to give it to me for the $10...

I bought 6... Three for us at home as my daughter crochets & knits..

For me for both work (I work a job where I sit for 12 hours in a van waiting be called to take short trips transporting railroad personnel as I'm constantly crocheting while I'm waiting) and at home for personal use even when I leave to go to say a dentist appointment...

If you're like me and want to know details of how big the bag is here's some information along with a few pictures.. I think it will hold four carrying one pounder balls easily... Plus extra yarn stuff...

The inside has interior pockets...

The outside has a fairly large pocket I would say bigger than a hardback book size...

And it also comes with a plastic wet bag cuz this is a weekend to go bag which is detachable from an inside clip area....









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