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Pattern confusion


Hi there! I’m in the middle of an amigurumi project and the foot portion has me all kinds of confused. 

 Make two. Work in Continuous Spirals.
1) Ch 4. 2 Sc in second Ch from hook, 1 Sc, 3 Sc in last chain. Turn, 2 Sc (8)

2) Inc, 3 Sc, 3 Sc in next Stitch, 2 Sc, Inc (12)

3) (Sc, Inc) *6 (18)

4) Sc around in back loops (18)

5) 3 Sc, Dec, 2 Sc, 2 Dec, 2 Sc, Dec, 3 Sc (14)

6) 6 Sc, Dec, 6 Sc (13)

7) 5 Sc, Dec, 6 Sc (12)

8 - 10) Sc around (12)

11) 6 Sc, Inc, 5 Sc (13)

12-13) Sc around (13) Fasten off, leave a tail for sewing, stuff with filling.

I understand the terminology, I guess what’s tripping me up is when does it become a spiral? Because I did the first 2 rows and it was still just a straight line of course. Do I connect it to the other end after row 2? To make it a circle? 
I really hope my question is making sense 😫 

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The only thing that occurs to me is that the pattern writer was trying to tell you to start the foot as an oval, because it says to turn, and oval makes sense for the bottom of a foot -- but the writer messed up.    To make an oval, you'd work in a straight line as usual but typically increasing in the last chain to 'turn the corner', and turn not back to front, but rather so the underside of the chain is now 'up' ready to be worked into, and you'd be working into the unused loops of what was the underside of the chain.

This is a total guess, re-writing 1 and 2 to make an oval, starting with 4 chains (using 3)  and ending up with 12 stitches back where you began.  It would be a good idea, always when working in a spiral but ESPECIALLY an oval, to mark the first stitch of the round.  

First side of chain) Ch 4. 2 Sc in second Ch from hook, 1 Sc in the 3rd ch, 5 Sc in last chain [so far you have made 8 stitches, across 1 side of the chain, and have used 3 chains; the 5 sc into 1 'turn the corner' and 'fill up' that last chain, so we won't use it below; that leaves only 2 chain undersides to work into, to add 4 more stitches] 

2nd side of chain) [will use the underside of those 2 remaining chains]  1 sc into the next unused under-chain, 3 sc into the underside of the chain the very first stitches of the 'top half' of the chain were worked into [that puts 5 chains around the beginning chain, to match the 5 around the last chain at the other end; total should be 12 stitches]

Like I said, this is a guess, that gives you an oval bottomed foot that keeps the stitch count of the pattern and, if you keep working around in a spiral over 12 stitches, will become a round leg.


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