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doll baseball cap, pattern question


Hi, I tried asking this question to the pattern creator but have received no reply. 

I'm working from a pattern in US crochet terms, to create a small baseball cap for a doll.

The pattern says: 'Row 20: turn, sc in next st, FLO – sc in each of next 52 sts, for both sides of the stitch – (1 sc, ch1, 1 sc) in one stitch, go to the lateral side, crochet from the lateral side of each row. 
(I added the full instructions for this part for context. I'm confused as to what the 'lateral' side is?) 


Thanks so much for any help. 💖

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17 hours ago, MysticCrochet94 said:

Thanks, it posted twice. Is there a way to delete a question? I can't seem to find a way. 

Used to be able to delete a thread you started but our admin changed it maybe a year ago so we could not.  People were somehow accidentally deleting our very long CAL threads

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