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I've not used this Hobby Lobby yarn as I don't have a store in my town. After looking up both yarns on their websites, I would venture to say they would not be the same. Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek is listed as a 4 weight and the Lion Brand Scarfie is listed as a 5 weight. Your best option is to make a swatch of each and compare gauges. If they measure out the same per stitches, you probably could make a go of it.

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Make swatch and if you like the feel and the way it looks then it works.  If its a pattern where gauge is important you will need to make a swatch and measure. If its different from what the pattern recommends then you need to do the math to compensate.  If you are making a scarf you can just add stitches and rows to make it the size you need.



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