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Help with a pattern



I am having lots of trouble with trying to change colors on this pattern. Every time I finish with the black rows and switch back to white like around rows 4 & 5, the black color changes are never coming out right. They are always crooked and never lined up right! I have watched videos on how to change colors and redone this several times and I still can not get it to come out right. Can someone please tell me how to count my stitches BEFORE I add the new color and how best to do the change over and what to do with dropped yarn until I need it again? I am attaching a pic a portion of the pattern that I am talking about. Rows 1-5 Front side. Thanks 😊 F35CAEA5-9995-47F4-A0CD-5B78126F2B9A.thumb.jpeg.f079b9b6f43f7f7d6d25050d41c8138b.jpeg

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