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Help with unravelled thread please


Hello! Newbie here, only started to learn how to crochet a fews days ago. 

I have some unravelling thread on a button hole of a sweater. Can anyone please give any guidance as to how to fix it please? I've included a picture of a button hole that is good, to compare. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 





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Your sweater is knitted and and now you have live stitches meaning they are going to continue to unravel.  I am not a knitter but think you are going to have to use a combination of the following 




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I do knit but am not an expert at it, and less of an expert in repairs for either craft--but I'm fairly sure you can't repair it by a knitting technique, or if there is a way it would be royal pain (one darns socks with a sewing needle, right?). 

I would use sewing thread to mend this, especially because it's a buttonhole I don't think thread would look out of place, as long as it matches fairly closely--machine-knit sweaters often have machine sewn thread reinforcement around the buttonholes.  Just try to keep the top side looking neat, do most of the darning so it shows on the wrong side (no special stitches, just sew together sturdily but neatly so it won't unravel further).  I'd go around the buttonhole with a blanket stitch for extra sturdiness.


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