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Yep, those are knitted without a doubt.  I knit, and have added crochet to knitted item a few times; below is an example where I edged a knit cardigan all the way around - below is a scan of the front opening and bottom edge of the cardigan, you can see the stockinette knit of the body and the crochet linen stitch / woven stitch / other names I'm not remembering for the 1.5" edge.  I chose it because I thought it blended in pretty well (and I was lazy, and I knew it would be a bit sturdier than knit).

I'm not sure if it wouldn't look odd to add something to what it already a knit ribbed edging, tho.  The  edging pictured below was not on 'live' stitches, it was added to finished fabric; if you tried to pick out the ribbing, you'd end up with live stitches which would (I imagine) be a challenge if you don't knit (and even if you did, but more of an annoyance for a knitter than not knowing how to deal with live stitches if you don't knit).  Your best bet is to crochet  right into the knit ribbed edge, and call the oddly placed ribbing a 'design feature'.


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