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Doll sleeves on Casual Fridays - 18” doll


My question on this pattern is about the sleeves. I’m crocheting without post stitches. Rows 6-7 says “dc across sleeve increases as you come to them. Row 8 is dc in 12, skip sleeve stitches, dc …, skip sleeve stitches, dc in 12. 

How do I know where those are & how to do that?  Could you give specifics such as to where “as you come to them”  & the number of increases?  I guess my experience is limited. I see that the arm pits are connected after all the other stitches.  In the past I connected arm pits in the process, but maybe those weren’t long sleeves.  Excuse my ignorance, but I’m lost at sleeve increases. 


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Note that she says this

When you see *2dc in next 2* that is an increase to create sleeve stitches. They should always line up to do that.


It might help if you go thru and highlight 2dc in next 2 when you see it in rows 4 and 5.  It appears twice in those rows.  Also might help to put stitch markers in at those points also.

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